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(1908 - 1997)
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l  2014:       Nick's journey to Germany, Austria, Switzerland & France (May/June)
l  2013:       Nick's Rick Steves' tour of Portugal (June)
l  2011:       Germany, Austria, Belgium, Northern France and Paris (Sept)
l  2010:       Poland, Germany, Paris, Switzerland (Sept/Oct)
2009:       Southern Italy, Southern France and Paris (Oct/Nov)
2008:       NCL 12-Day Baltic Cruise and Nick's travels in Italy (June/July)
                     Niagara Falls, New York & Washington DC (May)
l  2007:       Nick's Vacation in Western Europe, England & Ireland (8 Weeks)
l  2006:       Nick/Betty - Tuscany Vacation - (Sept/Oct)
                     Nick/Betty - Mediterranean Cruise - (May/June)
l  2005:       Nick's vacation in Europe (4 weeks)
l  2004:       Nick & Betty's vacation in the Alps (5 weeks)
l  2003:       Nick's Trip to the Alps (8 Weeks)
l  2002:       Nick's USA Trip (6 Weeks)
l  2001:        Nick's European Trip (16 Weeks)
l  2000:        Nick & Betty's trip across USA (6 Weeks)
l  1999:        Nick's European Trip (6 Weeks)
                     Betty's Kenya African Safari - (Jan/Feb)